Laura Kits


Laura is a singer and songwriter from Amsterdam, born on April 9, 1989. Her music is eclectic with influences from country, like the television show Nashville, as well as pop-rock, like Adele. The backing vocals have a clear Beatles signature. Her songs explore themes such as desire, insecurity, doubt and love. Laura is partly classically trained (vocals and violin), partly self-taught (songwriting and being a pop music professional).

She initially decided to pursue an academic and corporate career rather than a musical one – obtaining a masters degree in history that led her to start a consulting career at McKinsey&Company. But she quit her job at 26 and radically chose music instead.

Currently, Laura performs and records with the Laura Kits band, and with producer Andrew Vroomans. Her first album Skipper Canyon Road was released on April 9, 2017. It’s available on all major music streaming and downloading services. Skipper Canyon Road has a strong country signature. Meanwhile, new music is in the making which will branch out more into the realms of pop, funk, r&b and disco.